New ICC Security Mark for Bohol Consumer Products

Electrical consumer products bearing the old import commodity clearance (ICC) logos may have to be recalled, and keeping them in stalls may be illegal.

This as the government would soon outmode the old ICC security marks which have been faked many times.

As the government implements the new security logo for standardized imported products in the markets, the attempt to negate the chances of consumers buying fire-hazard counterfeit and sub-standard products again surges forward.

According to Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Bohol consumer products regulations officer Jose Hibaya, the move may be out soon and that they would start implementation right away.

Before that however, the office would be sending advisories to retailers and display shops to return stocks not bearing the genuine ICC marks to their importers.

In the past, fake and sub-par products continue to flood the markers despite honest efforts by price and consumer product authorities.

At the weekly Kapihan sa PIA, Hibaya issued the alarm as he noted that the on-coming holidays would also heighten the sales of series lights and other electronic or electrical decorations, some of which may be purchased by innocent consumers.

The Kapihan tackled the annual celebration of consumer month and the issues as well as the Theme Generic Drugs, Gawang Pinoy, Galing Pinoy Tangkilikin Natin.

Hibaya also admitted that since 1999, the local DTI has had a lot of apprehended Christmas series lights not bearing the ICC or the quality product standards logo.

He also added that there have been corresponding cases have been filed erring store-owners.

Hibaya pointed out that the new ICC security codes, which would be almost impossible to fake would be stuck on packages of every imported item, regardless of the size.

The usual practice of bogus suppliers is to put only one ICC mark in the bundled packaging of products.

This is illegal, he claimed.

Moreover, he said the government would first put up a period to comply before going tough on the imposition of strict regulations. (PIA)


Jagna Bohol Mayor Lloren May Run Vice-mayor

Only a few people are lucky enough to survive the issue of clinging to power even if there time limit is up.

It may be a fearless forecast but Mayor Exam Lloren is staking his luck to go on after consulting his constituents that it will be foolhardy to leave town while he is yet to complete an unfinished business.

Actually, the Jagna mayor’s first order of business was to get elected as provincial board member in the third district.

To people who knows him up close and personal, it will be a breeze if he makes good his threat in the provincial level.

After all, Jagna is made up of 33 barangays, and having the town as a bailiwick, is a big factor in any fray for a provincial bid.

But Mayor Lloren knows his priorities.
While any post outside his jurisdiction may appear tempting knowing his bankability in the provincial arena, the soft-spoken mayor was more inclined to remain in Jagna owing to what he calls as continuity.

Fearing that who may succeed him will have to go on with his own agenda, Mayor Lloren chooses to remain in Jagna and decides to run for vice mayor in 2010.

At least two concerns motivated the mayor why he opted to run for the second highest post of the town.
He said the setting up of a mobile rural health units in the barangays was one project he cannot afford to fail.
Now fast gaining headway, Mayor Lloren expressed fears that the heath program may not be able to take off for good because its initiator has reneged in its duty to sustain it.

The mayor said he will consider himself a failure in local governance if this pet project will go down in Jagna history as a product of wishful thinking.

It will be different that even if he would end up as the second fiddle (if he would be elected as vice mayor) he can still oversee the program’s operations owing to his hands-on trait.

The mayor’s concept of bringing the doctors to the barangays instead of the other way around has caught the attention of a US-based NGO. As a partner in this health endeavor, the NGO provided the medicine requirements that the program can afford to give it for free.

Another concern why the mayor is forgoing any elective plan in the provincial level is the solid waste management project in the municipality.

The envy of neighboring municipalities, Jagna’s solid waste management project is a fully integrated facility that envisions to convert garbage into organic fertilizer.
Also a favorite project, the waste cum composting facility is now engaged in the business of selling organic fertilizer.

Just like his health project, Mayor Lloren wants this garbage business becoming sustainable as a livelihood of the people, increase productivity through the use of organic inputs and above all complying the goals and objectives of the Clean Air Act.
Mayor Lloren in legacy mode
The name of his game is high-impact legacy.

Ever careful that he is in the right side of history, Mayor Exuperio Lloren is now in contemplation, of what better way he going to be remembered by Jagnaanons, as he vows out of public service.

Still in the thick of things, the Jagna mayor is in his final term after being elected into office in 2010.
An uninterrupted foray in public office in the local level is the crowning glory of a political career that started in the early 90’s as barangay captain of Pagina. He then became number one councilor.

He became vice mayor for two weeks following the death of then incumbent vice mayor Pedro Pajo.
Pajo’s death came just two weeks after the local election where Lloren ran for mayor.

He won and was installed into office with a two-week experience as vice mayor behind him.

As three-term mayor, it was to the credit of Mayor Lloren that it was during his time that high-impact projects were initiated.

This is where the legacy mode is in order as a barometer of good and effective leadership.
Aside from his health program and the implementation of the Clean Air Act, two favorite concerns lengthily discussed in other news stories in this special edition, the Jagna mayor was also proud of his gains in infrastructure development.
The completion of the S-Bullones-Jagna road is one project Mayor Lloren is looking forward to.
In check with former congressman Eladio “Boy” Jala, he said P372 million worth of projects mostly concreting works were thrown into the road network to realize the dreams of both Jagna and S-Bullones people that the same road link be completed during Lloren’s term.

The road link is the biggest beneficiary of Jala son’s pork barrel even if he is only in his first term. Although the “son also rises’, the elder Jala is eyeing a comeback bid

in the district where he lorded over for three terms. He will be pitted against newcomer Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap where the third district electorate is waiting to happen with bated breath.

With the battle royale in the offing , not even Jala is claiming that he is on top of the situation even given Yap’s

successive releases of DA largesse as if they grow on trees.

As part of the Nautical Highway Project of President Gloria Mscapagal-Arroyo, Jagna is made the Bohol gateway to Mindanao. Through the Jagna-Camiguin-Cagayan de Oro linkage, Bohol is now accessible by land transportation via the roro and fast craft services.

The road network was envisioned to make Jagna the melting pot of Bohol’s growth centers like Tubigon in the west, Talibon in the north and Ubay in the east. The Tubigon-Carmen-S-Bullones-Jagna linkage is one trade route being developed in Bohol for increase economic development.
The boat service through Jagna made Mayor Lloren bullish that one day passenger traffic using the ferry vessels between his town and Mindanao will reach its peak generating more economic activity for the municipality.
Presently, a roro vessel and Paras Sea Cat, a fast craft are serving the Jagna-Camiguin-Mindanao route giving townspeople of the two islands easy access to each other.

According to Mayor Lloren, the ferry service to his town made it convenient for Mindanao travelers to reach Cebu the fastest way.

Using the fast craft, any Mindanao traveler will reach Cebu the same day he leaves his destination especially in cities with direct access to Cagayan de Oro.
A trip from any Mindanao city to Cebu by boat entails an overnight allotment of travel time.
The additional entry of ferry vessels in Jagna from Mindanao was made possible through the improvement of the Jagna port.

Mayor Lloren said with the expansion of the Jagna port, ferry boats fielded their craft in the route to meet increasing demand of passenger traffic.
The mayor is hoping that one day Jagna will be a port of call of vessels plying to any Mindanao city before navigating to Manila and vice versa.

He said a Manila-Jagna run is possible with the present economic growth in his municipality.
Another huge impact project which the mayor contemplates to be part of his legacy is the completion of the public market.

Now generating revenues following the completion of the ground floor, the public market was funded by a loan extended by the Land Bank of the Phils. It has an initial income of P12 million as a result of the sale of occupancy rights.
Bullish of its income generating capacity, Mayor Lloren expressed optimism that with P25 million more, its second floor will be completed and will be open to rentals by dry goods operators.

When fully completed, the market has a project cost of P60 million.

The market’s top floor will be converted into barbecue stalls where passengers waiting for their Mindanao rides can have their meals.

Jagna Bohol Projects of Arthur Yap

This bustling municipality was a recipient of more than P25 million worth of projects courtesy of Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap.

The Jagna bonanza was part of the millions poured by Sec. Yap in various Bohol towns in his capacity as Cabinet steward of Bohol. The DA of which Yap is the top honcho has a national budget of P40 billion.

Although the heavy concentration of project delivery was in the third district, it was not hard to explain as far the DA secretary was concerned.

With his visibility in the third district no longer hard to hide, Yap’s political ambition was made more pronounced with the delivery of various projects in the district. But other towns outside the district also benefited Yap’s generous initiative.

Tracing his roots in Loboc after marrying a scion of the Varquez clan, Yap is being considered a shoo-in in the third district congressional race.


A breakdown of DA projects in this town showed the following: Alejawan Communal Irrigation System (CIS), P4 million-80% accomplished; Boctol CIS, P1.5 million-40% accomplished; Cambugason CIS, P1.5 million- P35% accomplished; Cabunga-an CIS, P1.5 million-30% accomplished; Flatbed Dyer (two units) in Cabunga-an and Alejawan, worth P700,000 each—flooring completed; Composting facility, two units worth P700,000; flooring completed; tramline in Mayana, P1.7 million-for bidding; green house in Mayana, P400,000-documents on process; farm-to-market roads, P6.6 million or P200,000 of each of Jagna’s 33 barangays; ice making machine, P1.5 million-documents on process; and market, P5 million-documents on process.